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Saladmaster materials are ready for the toughest tests in everyday kitchens. Enjoy them for a lifetime without worrying about the inconveniences that arise since they do not lose their properties and quality.


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If there are white stains, these may be from the lime of the water or mineral deposits. To detach them, clean the surface with vinegar and kitchen paper, or with the powdered cleaner and a damp paper if necessary.

Evitar manchas en tus unidades


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Too hot If the color is dark yellow, it is because of the oil and high heat. We should only use medium heat. The powdered cleaner will remove these and stubborn stains from the titanium surface.

Porqué se pueden oscurecer tus unidades y como evitarlo

Stick food

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If food burns, it is usually from too high a temperature or improper cleaning. The units are designed to be used at low temperatures.
Remove the unit from the heat, or use a heat diffuser. Observe that the half-empty does well; If you don’t do it correctly, it will take longer to cook.

Limpiar tus unidades cuando queda comida pegada


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You can use any tool inside your units, even a mixer. It may scratch, but it will not affect the cooking properties of our products, which are made to be used, not spoiled.
If you want to keep the products in good condition, never use abrasive materials on the outside of the units. If something sticks, add hot soapy water and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Qué ocurre cuando se hacen rasguños en el titanio de tus unidades


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Some cooking units may turn blue underneath, or even inside. Do not worry, if it has been used at too high temperatures, the metal will temper and discolor until it regains its natural color after a few months. If this happens, you should know that the product has not been damaged, the metal has simply been burned, it is still healthy and it will cook just as well. Keep in mind that it is never necessary to use the maximum temperature, not even to boil water.

Como solucionar una decoloración en tus unidades


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No matter how thick and robust our units are, both pans and pots, sudden changes in temperature (for example, pouring cold water into a hot unit) can cause them to warp. Let the unit cool and then add the water.

Cual puede ser el motivo para una deformación de tus unidades
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