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How is it preheated?

The unit should be preheated over medium heat for a few minutes before using it for frying or grilling. We will know that it is ready at the moment by adding a few drops of water, instead of evaporating, these form small balls on the surface.


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In these cases it depends on the intensity of each particular fire and the unit to be used. Always cook with low burners.

Cocinar con gas y saladmaster

Induction / Vitroceramic

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Preheat the unit to medium heat, or at most to a maximum of 70% of the power if it is not excessively powerful. Always try to do it gradually.

Cocinar con inducción o vitrocerámica con saladmaster


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Raise the temperature to 230 ºC with the knob and hold it until the red dot stops flashing. This indicates that it is preheated.

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