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Skillet 20 cm (8 in)

For the little things in life

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The small skillet of the great chefs, ideal for exquisite artistic presentations, cooking sautéed, an eggs, preparing individual tortillas, crepes and the best french fries, its small size of 20 cm (8 in) makes it very manageable.

Elipsu Sartén 20 cm Saladmaster titanio

Skillet 25 cm (10 in)

The most typical skillet

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The most typical skillet with an ideal size for all measurements, with the versatility and ease expected out of a skillet of ultimate quality, enjoy grilling, frying, you decide the technique, the result will be incomparable. The skillet of Saladmaster.

Elipsu Sartén 25 cm Saladmaster titanio

Skillet 30 cm (12 in)

Size matters

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Size matters; cook more with the same power and minimum energy consumption. But not only this, in addition to preparing large portions of fish or meat and the authentic tortilla española, cook the best rice dishes.
The ideal skillet for paella.

Elipsu Sartén 30 cm Saladmaster titanio

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