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Pot 4 Qt

The most popular

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Perfect for the best stews.
The necessary capacity to cook excellent recipes, thanks to its semi-vacuum system that maintains the most natural and traditional flavors. Must have in all kitchens.

Elipsu Ollas Saladmaster titanio 4 litros

Pot 5 Qt

Count to five

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Halfway between the frying pan and the cooking pot, due to its round base and its curves, it allows you to stir and stir the ingredients easily.
A multipurpose piece that works for everything, fry, boil, and steam…
Sautéed are their specialty.

Elipsu Ollas y Woks Saladmaster titanio 5 litros

Pot 7 Qt

The broths of a lifetime

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The cooking pot where we prepare low heat broths, keeping all the nutrients from the vegetables and other food.
Its capacity also allows you to cook a spectacular whole chicken with our special recipe.

Elipsu Ollas Saladmaster titanio 7 litros

Pot 9 Qt

Cook big

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Bake a fish, huge bread or cook pasta in this unit.
Ready for all kitchen needs.
Delight family and friends with the authentic creamy rice from a professional.

Elipsu Ollas y Woks Saladmaster titanio 9 litros

Pot 10 Qt

For the entire family

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If you need to cook broth for whole week or you are a very large family, this is your pot.
The famous Spanish puchero and other popular stews will be irresistible in this unit.
The big unit that never is too little.

Elipsu Ollas Saladmaster titanio 10 litros

Pot 16 Qt

The biggest

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The maximum capacity, it does not matter for how many people you cook, boils the pasta, cook a broth and prepare any stew regardless of the number or number of seats a the table.
Always up to the task.

Elipsu Ollas Saladmaster titanio 16 litros

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