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Your next cookware set is like none other

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Saladmaster has everything you are looking for in a cookware set. There are plenty of reasons for your next kitchen set to be Saladmaster, let us tell you why.

Saladmaster España - Olla saladmaster titanio - La mejor elección para cocinar de manera saludable


The material that protects your health

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Built in three layers, the inner layer are made of 316Ti Titanium, a material that does not interact with acids and food enzymes, being the healthiest material due to its biocompatibility, protecting the natural flavor of food, as well as being highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Las tres capas de Saladmaster

Vapo-Valve Technology

Cook faster

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Saladmaster has developed Vapo-Valve technology, a method that generates a semi-vacuum when cooking food and alerts you when the ideal temperature is reached, avoiding excessive heat and the loss of vitamins and nutrients, while reducing cooking time.
Cook with all the flavors in less time.

Sistema semi-vacío Saladmaster, permite cocinar a baja temperatura

Preserves nutrients

We are what we eat

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Saladmaster allows cooking without water, keeping all the minerals and vitamins in the food, enhancing its entire natural flavor, without adding salt.
Vegetables will taste like vegetables.

Saladmaster conserva los nutrientes cuando cocinas tus alimentos

Limited lifetime warranty

One for life

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The best guarantee that a product can have. As our client, if you notice any defect in the material due to the manufacture, if there is normal tear and wear, we will replace your product throughout the life of this one.

Saladmaster garantía de por vida

Energy consumption

Maximum power less energy

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Cook at a lower temperature thanks to its technology that provides a faster and more uniform heat distribution for longer. The environment and its economy will appreciate it.

Saladmaster España - Olla saladmaster titanio - La mejor elección para cocinar de manera saludable

Economic savings

Less expenses more savings

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What will you do with the money you won’t spend on more pans and pots for the rest of your life?
In addition, you will save in energy, food waste while being healthier and saving time.
Living longer and better is the important.

Cocinar con Saladmaster es un ahorro económico
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